mardi 16 juin 2009

How to care for and travel with your nice jewelry

Love your jewelry? But don't dare to take it along with you when you're traveling?

"When it comes to storing, caring and traveling with jewelry, it is best not to use the one-size-fits-all perspective," says Jayson Miller, with Robert & Jayson Miller Fine Jewelry.

Here are a few suggestions to think of before you pack up your pearls and travel with your jewels:

First, when you travel, you will want to use a first-class approach for pearl jewelry!

"This is not the type of jewelry that should be jumbled together with other pieces as pearls are delicate and can be scratched or cracked if they rub, or bump against gemstones or metal," says Miller.

Remember to protect the family jewels and pearls! Your best bet is to find a special compartment in a jewelry box or jewelry roll.

Also, remember to keep the luminous spheres away from other jewelry items (this is a good suggestion for travel AND at home).

"For extra protection," says Miller, "store pearls in a soft, lint-free bag to add protection against scratches and dust."

When traveling, take extra care to prevent losing jewelry.

Storing items in a small, travel jewelry box or jewelry roll is one solution. Ring boxes (either the one it originally came in, or one from another ring) have a slot and will help keep the ring in place.

Necklaces can become tangled, so it is best to fasten the clasp (a good idea at home in the jewelry box as well).

If you do not have the original container for your necklace, you can recreate one by cutting long, vertical slots in a thin piece of cardboard, and sliding the necklace through the cut to keep it in place.

For extra protection, you may want to wrap a thin piece of foam around the piece, and then placing it in a plastic bag and taping it shut.

Jewelry, if properly cared for, can last indefinitely and even become an heirloom for future generation.
Tips to keeping your pearls looking their best
Whether you are traveling or not, pearl jewelry needs a little TLC. Here are a few tips to keep your pearls looking their best from Jayson Miller:

· Fasten pearl necklaces, bracelets and rings after you’ve applied your make up, perfume and lotion to avoid putting pearls in contact with chemicals that could dull their finish or nacre.

· Remove pearl rings before washing your hands or applying lotion.

· Wipe pearls with a soft, lint-free cloth immediately after wearing them and before putting them away.

Do not use abrasive cloths as they can wear away the luminous, nacre coating.

· Never clean your pearls with solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents or chemicals.

· Do not put pearl jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner.

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